Riding uphill is all that counts

Riding uphill is all that counts
No pain - no gain

Samstag, 12. April 2014

Chalet de la Dole and Barillette

My second climb of the year was up into the Swiss Jura on perfectly tarmaced Route de la Dole with my Norwegian friend Lasse. We started at my place and warmed up while approaching the start of the slope at Cheserex. I opted for the MTB as it is still start of the season and the inclination is at some places well above 10%. As the last barrier was still closed and road signs still crossed out to indicated that the road is not yet officially open we hardly met other traffic. After a break at the top to recharge the batteries we descended back via La Rippe and had our deserved beer at Crassier before heading back home.

Last spots of snow at Chalet de la Dole

Barillette with Mt. Blanc in the back

Vive la Suisse !

Lake Geneva and the Alps

Endomondo trip details

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